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On-Demand Mediation when You Need It Most

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All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free.  You can trust us to start the dialogue between you and your spouse to work on issues as they come up in your relationship.  The goal is to keep your relationship stress free so that divorce does not become a word that you use in your household.  

In the event, that your relationship is at the end and divorce is inevitable we can guide you and your spouse through the divorce process including the preparation of an agreement that resolves all of the marital issues.


After a divorce or a disputed family court proceeding involving custody of children, issues come up that need to be addressed immediately. 

The goal of mediation is for the parents to be able to address the decisions affecting their children in a timely manner.  Court cannot provide an immediate solution but parents working together through mediation can.

Examples of issues that might arise that need immediate attention.  Your child wants to play ice hockey but the two of you cannot agree on allowing your child to participate in that activity.  Registration for your child is next week.  Court is scheduled for three months after registration.  

As a parent, you need issues worked out in the present, not in the future by a Court.

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When you realize the relationship is over and you do not want to have the Court decide the grounds of the divorce, custody of your children, child support obligations, spousal maintenance aka alimony, or the distribution of assets and liabilities.  

As mediators, we have been specifically trained in matrimonial mediation and our mediators include attorneys who are experienced and have expertise in this area.  


Our service provides litigants with an opportunity to resolve their issues without draining their bank accounts,  the endless delays or uncertainty caused by the Family Court process.

Family Court is like the ride at Space Mountain at Disney.  You wait endless hours in line for the thirty second ride of your life.  The roller coaster keeps you in complete darkness and even when you disembark you are even more confused about the experience.

As mediators, we know Space Mountain very well and want individuals to come out of mediation with an agreement that they can live with for the benefit of the whole family.

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